Little Laura Nielsen
I guess I'm writing this so share a little piece of my life and thoughts, which i of course hope you all enjoy.
As you may or may not have guessed my name is Laura G. Nielsen. I was born on the 1st of December 1999, in Roskilde, Denmark.
When i was 2 my family and I moved to Dubai and lived there for around 3 years. Since i was so young i don’t actually remember too much, mainly just things I’ve been told. 
After 3 years there it was time to move back to Denmark, where i started school and remember meeting so many new people and being so scared, i was always a bit of an outsider, but i honestly didn’t mind too much. I eventually did end up making some lovely friends there though, and before i knew it my dad got a job offer in Qatar and so we were off to a new adventure in the sandpits.
God i remember hating it there at first, i had just left all my friends behind so i had no one but my family. Of course eventually i got a few friends who introduced me to their friends and so on, which ended by me meeting so many amazing people who i am sure i’ll remember for the rest of my life. 
I ended up loving that growing sandpit, it was so different for Denmark. 
Now i’m back in Denmark, in a new city… so i guess you could say i’m back to square one. I’m not gonna lie i keep wishing i could just move back and get my old life back but, it’s not always the easy way out thats the right one.
I hope you’ll join me on this whole messed up journey called life.
A few facts about me:
  • I’m grew up in the Middle East
  • I have a burning passion for making and editing videos
  • I’ve never learnt to play a full song on the piano because, i       can’t read notes so instead i just try to memorise the song.
  • I love Art/Drawing 
  • I Have terrible pick up lines 
  • My favourite music comes from before i was even born
  1. Goodbye
    Hard to say goodbye
    No matter what saying goodbye never gets easy, even if you've had a thousand fights with this person because, you will always think about the good times.
  2. Travel
    Thailand 2007.... I think
    This picture is from when my family and i went on a holiday in Thailand. I can't remember exactly where it was in Thailand but, i do remember loving the beautiful tropical scenery. All my life i've always wanted to travel the world. I feel like i can't just stay in one place. It's like you have a book and you only choose to read one page of it. You have to finish the book or at least try your best.