Little Laura Nielsen
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I'm in my own opinion a normal teenager ish.
Let's start it like this... My name is Laura G. Nielsen, I was born on the 1st of December 1999. I feel like i should explain why i'm called "Little" Laura Nielsen. I have always been one of the youngest amoung my friends, if not the youngest. I don't just mean with a year or two, let's put it like this, my bestfriend is 18, which is the same age as my big brother. 
Now that thats explained a bit, i should probably also include that i'm Danish, but my family and I moved to Dubai when i was around 2 years old. We lived there for around 3 years, i don't really remember much to be honest. Then after being back in Denmark for 3 years we moved to Qatar where i lived for most of my life and it is where i consider home to be.....
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I don’t have any on reason to start this blog other then because, i love writing and I want to share my opinion with other people in my own way.
If you have any comments or questions don’t be shy, go ahead, ask me!
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